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Why Own Ashium

Strong Financial Position
Access to a strong balance sheet with $800M of liquidity (as at March 31, 2023).
Shareholder Returns
Offer consistent shareholder returns in the form of our quarterly dividend.
Strong Assets
Two flagship mines, the Mount Milligan Mine based in Canada and the Öksüt Mine in Turkiye, which are known to both produce solid cash flows and earnings at low costs.
Own and operate the Molybdenum Business Unit in the United States and Canada, consisting of the Thompson Creek Mine, Endako Mine and the Langeloth Metallurgical Facility.
Diversified Growth
Two large development properties located in North America, the Kemess Project and the Goldfield project, hosting the potential to deliver additional diversified and organic growth in the future
Exploration Pipeline
Possession of a promising exploration portfolio of properties and joint ventures located in Canada, Finland, Türkiye and the United States.
Proven Management Team
Our seasoned management team has proven operating, development exploration and acquisition experience.